Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the hell was I thinking! Oh yeah it was love at first sight....

Well as we started to take Coralee apart it has now become apparent that the old girl needs most of her wood replaced. She was definitely built very late in the day on a Friday. What the hell were they thinking!  I don't do wood, but even I know that corners and joints need to match up. And what the hell is with using strips of particle board as a spacer. Someone must have needed a beer bad. She has been jack knifed in the front and somewhere along the line hit in the rear lightly. Most of her wood below her windows is rotted. I'm not real sure what held her together. Must have been dumb luck.It's a very good thing my dad is a patient man, and very good with wood. All he can do is look at Coralee, shake his head and say " This is going to take a while". Yep she's going to take a while. I was prepared for that, but I think I was the only one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

EWWWWW! Bugs! Stink bugs that is

Well we thought we would see just what we got ourselves into today. Dad and I each grabbed a screwdriver and went to town. We decided we would start curbside and work our way around. First off let me say whoever had Coralee before was a baaaad person. I don't think there was 2 screws alike in her. I think they grabbed whatever was next to them and put in her no matter what the size or head. No wonder she hung her head low. We took her vent covers, drip rails, storage door, and windows off. The door was in real bad condition and will have to be rebuilt. For the most part everything was good but the wood underneath. Most of the wood around the door and diner window will have to be replaced. The door mostly because the PO took it upon themselves to "remodel" where the closet was and took most of it out. This resulted in a weakening of the frame next to the door. You can literally move it back and forth. Bad, bad, bad. The closet will be going back in. We did find where all the stink bugs were living. They crawl into the damnedest places. My poor dad. All he can do is look at her and say "boy is she going to be alot of work". Duh, I knew that when I brought her home. I look at her and know that its going to be ok and she will be beautiful in coral and cream.