Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Buying, buying and more buying

Well yesterday I ordered the formica for Coralee 's countertop and dinnette table. She will be Coral colored boomerang. I was lucky to get it since I read a couple weeks back they were discontinuing it. Called Formica and they still had a few sheets in stock at the factory..Yea!!!  She'll be soooo pretty. Can't wait to get to the point I can put her all back together again. It's been hard to work on her recently since it hasn't been above 30 in a couple weeks. I guess it's time to invest in some long johns.

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  1. just had my own home depot moment ordering one of the 35 pieces of Aqua boomerang still left in the world. Thy guy says you know this is not returnable. Are you sure this is all you need? Anyway in 7 business days I'll have my boomerang for the table and counter.