Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looks like an implosion happened here!

Well slowly but surely Coralee is getting tore apart. It looks like shes been imploded, poor thing. We now have all her aluminum off her. Removing and replacing rotten wood ( boy is there alot of it) and adding extra for support. There must have been alot of drinking going on at the ole Shasta factory. I am amazed at how nothing lines up. "Close enough" must have been the motto of the day...LOL. We have had a small set back. My Uncle Bob passed away two weeks ago. He was helping my dad with the woodwork. Soon we will be back at it, going strong. Uncle Bob loved to travel and he liked Coralee, so I have decided that as soon as she is done my dad and I are going to see about taking her to Bodie, Calif. Unc loved that old ghost town and wanted to go back there. We will be taking some of his ashes with us. Wanderlust runs in the family so the 1000 mile trip wont be a problem. Lots of ghost towns along the way...Will try to some pics up soon!


  1. My sister has a Shasta and wants to restore it, but doesn't know where to find some new skin? Have any idea? We don't even know the year of hers, but looks very much like yours!
    Robbie from Liberty TN

  2. Sorry this took me so long . The only place I know of is on the west coast interstatemetals.com they have all sorts of side and misc pieces for our trailers. Also have her check out http://vintageshasta.proboards.com/index.cgi?
    She will find more help than she needs there.. Good luck!
    Tanya and Coralee