Monday, December 5, 2011

One big implosion!

What a mess I have. There are Coralee parts everywhere! A pile of aluminum here, a pile of cabinets there. Today I took Coralee's frame to get it powdercoated. He's is only charging me $300 to sandblast her and coat her a cream color. I could have had it done in coral but it was special order and $100 more. So back to the implosion. Coralee has been completely disassembled. We have been working on the wood framing all fall, redoing the bad and adding a little extra here and there for support. I have also been sanding her cabinets. I went down  to my local independent lumber supply and found I can get 1/8" birch for $19.00 a sheet. I'm thinking 15 sheets should do all I need to do inside with a little left over. She is alot of work but my Dad (Good ol Dad) is retired and its giving something to do. He's an awesome wood worker so ahe's right up his alley.I will try to post pics soon!

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  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to the travel trailer of your dreams. I love the Christmas gifts (to me that's the fun part). But the frame, yes, that is necessary. Can't wait to see your progress!