Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ah, the smell of new wood paneling...

Well my dad finally got all of Coralee's paneling finished. She looks beautiful, and the smell of new wood is awesome. We ended up using 3/16 birch for the majority of the interior and 1/8 inch for the ceiling. She is a lot stronger than she use to be. Yes she will weigh more but I'd rather have that than have her blow apart  in a strong wind. Being as she was made originally on a Friday afternoon or first thing Monday morningshe was really flimsy. I ordered some new handles from Rejuvenation Hardware and they are sweet! They are a little bit different than the originals but a person would have to look real close to tell. If someone is going to be that knit picky they don't belong in my old girl. I only had to get 3 for the new closet that we made. You'll notice the new closet door opens the wrong way. We didn't have an old one to go by since to PO had ripped all that out . The new one was installed before I had a chance to say it was backwards, but it looks fine and will be easy to get into. He also built in little hidden storage compartments in the closet, for those things nobody needs to know I have. Next will be laying down the flooring and getting the dinette cushions back from Jeremiah my upholstery guy. Oh and I guess I better get stared on the curtains also. Well ciao for now....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pics of Interior

The interior is coming together!

Yesterday the Coral Boomerang linoleum went on the fridge and counter. When I bought the linoleum I wasn't how much to buy so a got what I though was a little extra. As you can see by the pic I have a lot extra. I still have to cut out the table, but there be alot left over...I'll have to make something with it. It sure looks alot better than the blue that was in her. She's looking so purdy, I can't wait to go camping...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally see some light at the end of the tunnel...kind of..

Well we have been productive this winter. I sent the frame out and had it powder coated cream color. We painted the wheels coral, than started on the floor. We decided to use plywood coated with a special coating make for decking to seal it up. It worked great. The floor is down and the sides are up.. See how pretty the new paneling is:) Now my dad has had to make alot of new pieces for Coralee. Thank God the man is a genius with wood. He only stapled his finger once and didn't cut any would have had to have been there. So as you see by the pics we are cruising along. I will get more pics up as I get them taken...Caio

Monday, December 5, 2011

One big implosion!

What a mess I have. There are Coralee parts everywhere! A pile of aluminum here, a pile of cabinets there. Today I took Coralee's frame to get it powdercoated. He's is only charging me $300 to sandblast her and coat her a cream color. I could have had it done in coral but it was special order and $100 more. So back to the implosion. Coralee has been completely disassembled. We have been working on the wood framing all fall, redoing the bad and adding a little extra here and there for support. I have also been sanding her cabinets. I went down  to my local independent lumber supply and found I can get 1/8" birch for $19.00 a sheet. I'm thinking 15 sheets should do all I need to do inside with a little left over. She is alot of work but my Dad (Good ol Dad) is retired and its giving something to do. He's an awesome wood worker so ahe's right up his alley.I will try to post pics soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looks like an implosion happened here!

Well slowly but surely Coralee is getting tore apart. It looks like shes been imploded, poor thing. We now have all her aluminum off her. Removing and replacing rotten wood ( boy is there alot of it) and adding extra for support. There must have been alot of drinking going on at the ole Shasta factory. I am amazed at how nothing lines up. "Close enough" must have been the motto of the day...LOL. We have had a small set back. My Uncle Bob passed away two weeks ago. He was helping my dad with the woodwork. Soon we will be back at it, going strong. Uncle Bob loved to travel and he liked Coralee, so I have decided that as soon as she is done my dad and I are going to see about taking her to Bodie, Calif. Unc loved that old ghost town and wanted to go back there. We will be taking some of his ashes with us. Wanderlust runs in the family so the 1000 mile trip wont be a problem. Lots of ghost towns along the way...Will try to some pics up soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Coralee's Christmas gifts

Coralee was so happy that everyone thought about her for Christmas. She got some neat new vintage stuff. Her Grandma Kathy got her a couple of vintage confettie Melmac Bowls, Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Art got her a percolator clock, sugar dispensor, and a cool set of plastic glasses NOS. I got her and couple of burlap coffee cups, chicken timer (couldn't help myself) and ketchsup and mustard bottles. I love vintage so there will be alot more to come. Antique store are my best friends!