Monday, December 20, 2010

Wierd looks from the people at Home Depot

Well my coral boomerang formica came in. When the lady called she wanted to know just what I was using it for. I guess it's not everyday someone orders such a finely colored countertop. When I told her it was for Coralee she understood...I think. I did have to explain what Coralee was. She wasn't impressed. Some people just don't get it. I'm sure they're all waiting to see if I have orange colored hair and look a little We'll find out tomorrow.


  1. I love that coral boomerang color. If I was gonna change from the blue that is the color I would pick. My son is lobbying me to do just that!! Hey you should think about writing an article for Trailerchix the new ezine.

  2. The original color of Coralee counter and table were blue. When I found out she was Coral and Cream I knew I had to change it. I was very lucky to get the Coral boomerang before it was gone. For once I didn't procrastinate! Yeah!